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Paying It Forward

 Greetings; as you are learning more about me I am Ms. Melodee; Songwriter, Performer, Vocalist, Actress, Co-producer, Arranger & Poet.  I would like to thank you for stopping by and taking time to view the individuals I have met and had the pleasure of working with in my life; some are family and most have become friends; this page is dedicated to these people because I have watched them in action do what they love; and unfortunately, being independent is not the fastest way for the world to see and know who you are and that you are a hard worker or that you have started your own business and have been doing this for many years or trying to find ways to help people help themselves.  So, as this section grows; I pray that my gesture and heart grows with it; to see these people get their recognition or business they deserve for all they do for others behind scene or with discounts and offers to help those that are in need; so once you stop by; keep in mind we are independent and everything that you see is who we are as artists and entrepreneurs.  So, when you leave; there should be one person you want to support or encourage to keep making there dream a reality.  I strive everyday but I made a vow that I would acknowledge others along the way.  Miracles & Blessings to each of you 2013 and beyond.  "CHECK OUT MY VIDEO OF WHO I AM AND WHAT I AIM TO ACHIEVE 2013".

Much Love,
Ms. Melodee

A Change Gonna Come (Paying It Forward)