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I am the artist Ms. Melodee; I am a independent artist that writes; performs, arranges and sing my own music.  I also strive to support other artists to continue their dreams against all odds.  So, if you are person that want to support a cause to keep the "Pay It Forward" and keep me making more music to bring to the world in my own one woman mission.  But in return I reach out to other artists and entrepreneurs that strive to make a difference but don't have the funds to further those options so; they do all they can by using You Tube, Facebook, Myspace, Black Planet, Tagged and many other social networks to build and get the word out.  So, this page if or you to find a track or just click on the donation option to help me continue making my music and making a difference one day at a time.  Thank you and may this year be a prosperous positive way to express my love of music.

Ms. Melodee


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